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Choose the Honeywell Aube TI040 Pool Timer

If you need a pool timer that exceeds expectations, the Honeywell Aube TI040 is the perfect choice. This electronic timer is made by a trusted brand, has plenty of nice features and reduces the amount of time the pool pump is necessary to run, saving you energy in the process. The Honeywell Aube might be the perfect pool timer to suit your needs.

Out of a 5-star rating, the Honeywell Aube has earned a 4.1. Customers enjoy using the pool timer and usually have great things to say. Reputation of a product is always important. What customers with firsthand experience think of the product is a good indication of how you will feel? Sure, there will be a few unhappy people, but when the crowd is leaning in a positive manner, there’s a good chance the product is going to make you happy.

The Honeywell Aube has lots of features to make customers happy. The price is yet another feature to smile over. Although it isn’t the cheapest pool timer on the market, it is priced to accommodate most budgets without strain. Not all pool timers are reasonably priced, but the Honeywell model always brings affordability your way.

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Additional features that make the Honeywell Aube pool timer a popular choice amongst so many:

–    120 Volts

–    Lightweight at just 2.4 pounds

–    Runs 16-hours per day versus 24 hours

–    3 Operational modes

–    14-setting programming mode

–    Multi switch, 3-way compatible

If you want a great timer for your swimming pool the Honeywell Aube is a great choice. Take a look at the reviews and testimonials and decide for yourself. For most people, the pool timer gets the job done with smiles left over at the end of the day.