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What Permits to Purchase for Snow Goose Hunting in Missouri

If you’ve never been snow goose hunting before, it can be an exciting adventure. However, along with the proper equipment for hunting the birds, you will also need the proper documentation. To hunt snow geese legally, you have to take a hunter safety course and have a permit to hunt.

Hunter Safety Courses

Anyone who is wants to go hunting in Missouri must have taken a hunter safety course in their home state. If you’ve never taken a course, you can contact the department of natural resources, or the department responsible for wildlife management, where you live to get information on available hunter safety classes. Don’t forget to pack your certification to prove you have taken the course!

Hunting Permits

You will also need to purchase a Conservation Order Permit before you can head out into the wild to go snow goose hunting. All hunting permits for Missouri are available at a department of natural resources’ office, there are several stores selling permits, or now you can buy a permit using your smartphone and display it on the screen. The permit costs $19 for residents and $11 per day for nonresidents.

The only people who do not need to purchase a Conservation Order Permit are those who possess a Resident Lifetime Conservation Partner Permit or a Resident Lifetime Small Game Hunting Permit. The lifetime permits are only available from the Missouri Department of Conservation. Although they cannot be purchased online, you can download the application you will need to fill out and send in with your payment for the permits.

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The Resident Lifetime Conservation Partner Permit can be used for hunting of fishing, but deer and turkey hunting are not included. The prices for the permits vary, so be sure and note the cost before sending in the application for the lifetime permits.